Independent Centre for Actor Training

1 Year Course

Artist Development

Do you wish you​​ could go back and retrain as an actor or show­case again but don’t have the time or money to do so? Have you been on the cir­cuit for longer than you can remem­ber but are frus­trated and tired? Then this course is abso­lutely what you have been look­ing for!

The ICAT Artist Devel­op­ment Course is avail­able in both London and Manchester. It is an unbe­liev­able oppor­tun­ity for adult actors of any age to be rein­tro­duced to the industry at min­im­al cost with expert coach­ing and 4 sep­ar­ate oppor­tun­it­ies to invite and be seen by an impress­ive host of industry guests.

ICAT is run by award win­ning artists from inter­na­tion­al theatre, film and tele­vi­sion who con­tin­ue to work with some of the greatest actors, dir­ect­ors and com­pan­ies in the world.

This is an ini­ti­at­ive to give trained actors a chance to take advant­age of our very pop­u­lar show­case season by provid­ing tailored train­ing ses­sions on Mike Alfreds prin­ciples plus voice and move­ment sup­port and industry prep while being graf­ted into the cur­rent 2 yr Dip­loma gradu­ate year group pro­jects includ­ing two public pro­duc­tions and two sep­ar­ate show­cases.

Term 1
Text in Action: the free­dom enhan­cing toolkit and prin­ciples of Mike Alfreds
Radio/Voice Over
Black Box Pro­duc­tion: a true ensemble telling of a story at an intim­ate fringe venue over three per­form­ances using min­im­al props and cos­tume.

Term 2
Text In Action: revis­ited
Audition/industry prep
Industry Show­cases: Manchester/London.

Term 3
Text In Action revis­ited
Gradu­ate Pro­duc­tion: a larger scale pro­duc­tion over three per­form­ances at a bigger theatre venue.

*There will be sup­port ses­sions in voice and move­ment through­out the three terms as well as industry prep with great guests and oppor­tun­it­ies to devel­op your under­stand­ing and approach to acting as a busi­ness.

ICAT masterclass at the Royal Shakespeare Company rehearsal rooms with Cicely Berry
RSC head of casting, Hannah Miller at ICAT

Guests at our show­case have included the Royal Shakespeare Com­pany cast­ing, Royal Court cast­ing, BBC Radio Drama, Coron­a­tion Street cast­ing, a host of agents from co-ops, boutique to lead­ing man­age­ment teams and tele­vi­sion exec­ut­ives and writers.

Places for the artist­ic devel­op­ment are offered via audi­tion only.

Audi­tion require­ments A 2 minute mono­logue of your choice, clas­sic­al or modern
Where ICAT Manchester
When Septem­ber 8th 2018 — July 11th 2019.
How By audi­tion only. Email with your CV to register interest.
Audi­tion dates (please be avail­able all day)

London: 22nd July 2018

Manchester : 14th July 2018

10am-1pm- 1st round
2–5pm — recalls
Course fee £3,250 pay­able in instal­ments (just £1,083 per term).

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