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Sarah Jane Potts SCREEN ACTING: Expectation Versus Reality

(1st option for classes Mondays 21st/28th must attend both, 2nd option for classes Wednesdays 23rd/30th must attend both)

(2 class package – places awarded via a simple application below)


Want to really prepare yourself for screen acting in the industry? Join Sarah Jane Potts online for a 4 hour deep dive workshop, split over 2 evenings. The first session will be working on a 2 person scene previously sent to you to prepare. This will give you a foundation for session 2 where we will expect you to prepare another scene (sent to you in advance) as if you were turning up on a TV set to do a day’s work. We will look into how quickly actors have to adapt, take notes, keep calm and nail that performance whilst dealing with ‘ on set ‘ life.

Requirements – Scene 1 for session 1 to be learnt completely. No excuses! Please make a solid decision about what your character wants and is trying to communicate in the piece.

Scene 2 for session 2, again to be learned completely. You only get one shot at turning up on a set and getting it right so treat this the same way. Make a solid decision about the scene but be prepared to be directed, flexible, open minded and not take anything personally 🙂

This is a safe, supportive and fun workshop designed to build your confidence and your acting tool kit.

Sarah Jane Potts is an extraordinarily experienced actor in both the UK and USA. Regularly appearing on our screens currently as a lead in Netflix Zero Chill. Past work includes Gracepoint (Fox), Holby (BBC) and hit movie; Kinky Boots.


Click below to submit your application and make sure you choose the dates you are interested in: Option 1 OR option 2.