Independent Centre for Actor Training

Graduate Shows

We are delighted to introduce our current graduating students to you. We have a selection of public performances throughout the year, including two showcases in London and Manchester.

Do browse our students' headshots and if you would like to discuss any of our students or attend a performance, do email us at (London School) (Manchester School).

Upcoming Performances


Industry Showcases: 

London: 1pm, on the 19th of March 2019 at the Bloomsbury Theatre Studio. Please email to be added to the guest-list.

Manchester: 1pm, on the 21st March 2019. Please email to be added to the guest-list.

Previous Performances: London: The Winter's Tale at The Courtyard Theatre on the 29th and the 30th of November 2018. Manchester: Grimm Tales at The Three Minute Theatre on the 29th, 30th of November and the 1st of December 2018. 



London School

  • Amelia Hursey's headshot

    Amelia Hursey

  • Amy Howard's headshot

    Amy Howard

  • Chris Cole's headshot

    Chris Cole

  • Claire O'Brien's headshot

    Claire O'Brien

  • Drew Elston's headshot

    Drew Elston

  • Gilberline Mbah's headshot

    Gilberline Mbah

  • Karuna Chimankar's headshot

    Karuna Chimankar

  • Kevin Ryan's headshot

    Kevin Ryan

  • Kira King's headshot

    Kira King

  • Max Abbiss's headshot

    Max Abbiss

  • Mohammed Terwis's headshot

    Mohammed Terwis

  • Olu Adaeze's headshot

    Olu Adaeze

  • Sebastian Tomlinson's headshot

    Sebastian Tomlinson

  • Sophie Jasmin Bird's headshot

    Sophie Jasmin Bird

  • Zen Lauren's headshot

    Zen Lauren

Manchester School

  • Alice Potter's headshot

    Alice Potter

  • David Few's headshot

    David Few

  • Eliza Tuturman's headshot

    Eliza Tuturman

  • Jamie Keightley's headshot

    Jamie Keightley

  • Jenny Owen's headshot

    Jenny Owen

  • Joan McGee's headshot

    Joan McGee

  • Melissa Williams's headshot

    Melissa Williams

  • Ruth Murray's headshot

    Ruth Murray

  • Yasemin Kafali's headshot

    Yasemin Kafali

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