Graduate Shows

May we intro­duce our cur­rent second year groups as they make their way towards gradu­ation. Please feel free to browse the head­shots and check out which shows we have coming up as well as show­case dates in Manchester and London. If you would like to dis­cuss any of our stu­dents or book onto one of the public show­ings, please don’t hes­it­ate to con­tact us at

This Year’s Performances

Show tick­ets are avail­able to buy here, (please click link and scroll/select date and event to pur­chase tick­ets).

Manchester School

  • Carly O’Hare's headshot

    Carly O’Hare

  • Graham Gardner's headshot

    Graham Gardner

  • Guy Thompson's headshot

    Guy Thompson

  • Hannah Potts's headshot

    Hannah Potts

  • James Ainsworth's headshot

    James Ainsworth

  • James John Harkness's headshot

    James John Harkness

  • Jon Massey's headshot

    Jon Massey

  • Julie Parton's headshot

    Julie Parton

  • Max Anderson's headshot

    Max Anderson

  • Michelle Parker's headshot

    Michelle Parker

  • Phoebe Fischer's headshot

    Phoebe Fischer

London School

  • Antonina Szulc's headshot

    Antonina Szulc

  • Christine During's headshot

    Christine During

  • Francesca Elise's headshot

    Francesca Elise

  • Kirstin Hartmann's headshot

    Kirstin Hartmann

  • Kit Nicols's headshot

    Kit Nicols

  • Maria Carmel's headshot

    Maria Carmel

  • Zoe Harris's headshot

    Zoe Harris