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How Actors Are Building The Career They Want Faster Than Ever In 4 Simple Steps Without Wasting Years Going Round In circles

Did you know that there are only 5% of actors in work at any one time?

 It’s true.

Often, the same 5% are working repeatedly while the other 95 are stuck chasing their tails, getting nowhere but deeper into debt and frustration.

You see the problem is that the average actor (whether they trained or not) is throwing everything they have at everything that comes along. 

All their energy, all their passion and all their money without seeing anything in return.

Which means that they suffer from exhaustion, depression and have empty wallets. 

Dreams that could (and should!) easily be nourished to fruition end up dashed and confusion reigns.

Luckily, the DNA of every successful acting career has been discovered and the ‘formula’ to recreate it has been clearly laid out in an easy to follow 4 step strategy with our CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME.

  • No more wasting time or resources
  • An immediate feeling of freedom and confidence when you follow step 1: IGNITION!
  • A rapid increase in opportunities in the areas that YOU want them
  • Certainty about what to do to get where you want and how to go about it
  • The opportunity to chat daily to fellow actors and industry professionals for guidance and support
  • A rock solid strategy that you can use for life. Rinse and repeat!
  • More jobs!

The Actor Base from ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training) is led by award winning Royal Shakespeare Company actor and regular Text Consultant at Shakespeare’s Globe; Simon Trinder and a host of hugely respected industry professionals.

With over 100 years between them, working at the top of their game, ICAT coaches have stood in front of the world’s leading casting teams and created hugely impressive careers in international film, television, theatre and more.

Does this strategy work?

Well – don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the wins and winners from our international acting community:

So, when you join The Actor Base you will get

  • The full training and resources for the CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME 
  • A library of outstanding video on demand acting courses worth over £2,500
  • A host of super practical resources including ebooks, cheat sheets and training videos
  • A Daily Acting Coach email to inspire and guide you every single weekday
  • Access to the private facebook community with daily chats, advice and invaluable support (in a VERY honest and real environment)
  • Monthly live online calls

IT COSTS JUST  £16 PER MONTH to receive all of this career changing materiaL


To increase the effectiveness, we will even throw in the SPRINT – an 8 week video guide to fast track your success with step by step guidance on what to do, when and how in order to start making a dent in the industry.

The Actor Base membership is cancel anytime so if you need to, you can take some time out.

So – are you going to step up and claim your success or are you going to keep wondering what the heck to do next and how the ‘others’ are making things happen?


£16/per month cancel any time


per month

Cancel any time


£150/per yearcancel any time


per year

Cancel any time