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If you’re an actor who is desperate for more – more opportunities, more success and more jobs – then you are in the right place because we have the antidote to frustration, lack of progress and career growth.

But first, a message from our patron; Dame Judi Dench…

Let’s come on to YOU and where you are at!


The pain of being out of work is almost too much to bear for many actors.

We rarely think that WE are going to be the ones who don’t succeed.

Failure only happens to others…doesn’t it?

To “others” who are less resilient, gifted and driven.

However, we find ourselves in limbo, seeking an opportunity, ANY opportunity – just ONE!

Or waiting to hear back from a casting that seemed to go so well but weeks have passed by.

 Despair and confusion creep in and take over the controls, leaving us lost, aimless and frankly, afraid to take another step.

We do anything to just get by, start living off those credit cards (or even worse – off other people) and would desperately take any acting  job no matter how rubbish we think it is.

Unfortunately, This Feast and Famine Mode is the Reality for 95% of Actors.

So why then, if 95% struggle, do the top 5% take up all the gigs?

They’re able to land more jobs, more regularly.

Have no trouble with being seen.

And have casting directors seeking THEM out to come and audition.

Some of us may actually be doing very WELL… but are desperate to be seen for different work and break out of the casting or medium that is now feeling stale and joyless.

Some may be heading to drama school… but feel overwhelmed by the audition process and the drip, drip, drip feed of bad advice and bad stats…’thousands audition but only a handful get in’…etc. 

We do EVERYTHING we know how, just to move forward:

  • Attend every casting workshop despite the mounting prices
  • Go to any and every acting class we can
  • Rack up the ‘workshop credits’ on everything from stage combat to bunraku puppetry in a bid to be ‘more castable’
  • Post on social media and engage in endless rounds of ‘Headshot Friday’ hoping that SOMEONE will give us a break
  • Take supporting artist work because ‘surely I will learn something or meet someone useful’
  • Follow 1000 casting directors on Twitter, endlessly liking their every murmur
  • Pay for more and more showreel material to be made and proudly post it in any group you can, only to get a mixed bag of reviews from your fellow actors
  • Apply for EVERYTHING you can find on Mandy or another casting site and wonder why you are just not getting the jobs

NONE of these things work, at least not in the way you hope.

This is because you are just another face in the crowd, attempting to do 100 things to catch a break when you could be working in a MUCH smarter way… 

You feel lost, you feel held back, you feel like giving up.

If only there were a plan, a strategy that would guarantee results, regardless of where we were at – wouldn’t that change everything?

A system that would guarantee:

  • Freedom from anxiety, which allows you to invest WAY more constructive energy into your career
  • Robust confidence that fills the audition room and makes a huge and lasting impact on the panel
  • Real world feedback from the industry at large and next-steps guidance, which keeps you on track and making gains
  • Employment opportunities for roles in areas that YOU want to work in
  • Actual results in the areas where YOU want to see them

If there were a simple process or blueprint that had been proven to work repeatedly and immediately removed the anxiety, despair and confusion, leaving us laser-like focused and only spending time and money on what moves us toward our goal – that would be life changing!

Well, there IS such a plan, there IS such a strategy!

There is a 4 step process that takes you from lost to loaded with possibilities.

The steps are simple and the steps are clear.

They are…



Offers you an immediate sense of freedom, purpose and motivation.



Takes you from aimless to laser-like as you begin to build your greatest asset: your industry contact list.



Will see you invest time and effort wisely into creating resources that move you toward more and more opportunities.



Is when you branch out into new and exciting areas of work.


It is called THE CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME, only at The Actor Base.

With these 4 simple steps you can take yourself from fearful to free as you move strategically toward the career that you desire.

Whether you: 

  • Are heading to drama school auditions
  • Have recently graduated from a training programme 
  • Are trained and experienced but struggling
  • Are actually busy as an actor but in the ‘wrong’ area

THE CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME gives you a 100% reliable plan to get where you want to be in the industry.

Supported by a wealth of video on demand courses, resources and live coaching, you have all the answers you need in order to become ‘the expert’ and develop true ‘ownership’.

 You could be like members:

Meneka Das; who won the role of Jer Bulsara – Freddie Mercury’s mother in the Oscar winning movie; Bohemian Rhapsody.

‘ICAT had a LOT to do with this! I love The Actor Base and I don’t think they’re gonna get rid of me easily’

Simon Shorten; who took one of our teachings and just two hours later used it to land a role at London’s National Theatre.

‘I can’t thank you enough. I applied everything you talked about and….I got the job!’

Renu Brindle; who auditioned for a supporting role she wanted at the famous Bush Theatre using strategies she learned from us. She didn’t get the part – they gave her the LEAD role instead!

Using confidence gained in my one week boot camp with ICAT I booked the lead at Bush Theatre. I would recommend any of ICAT courses to grow creatively to use your craft improve and book those jobs. Did wonders for me.’

Mitra Djalili: whose career changed since joining The Actor Base and whose string of successes included a small recurring role in Netflix’ Ted Lasso.

‘Been a game changer for me. Can’t thank you enough. Never been seen or worked so much!’

Gain a first class actors education through outstanding courses like Owning Shakespeare, The Complete Actors Toolkit and Owning Self Tapes amongst others.

Receive personal feedback and direction on 6 self tape challenges as you move through The Gameplan

Get fast tips and motivation daily through our Daily Acting Coach:Premium emails and ultimately, become another success story as you build your ‘actor assets’ whilst following the 4 steps of the CAREER ACCELERATOR.


Dame Judi Dench – Patron

Judi Dench is one of the worlds most recognisable actors. An Oscar winner for her role in Shakespeare in Love, she has worked in international film, theatre and television since 1957 everywhere from the RSC to the James Bond franchise

Simon Trinder

ICAT founder, award winning Royal Shakespeare company actor

Joseph Millson

The Last Kingdom, Casino Royale, Royal Shakespeare Company and author of “Work …And Other Four Letter Words

Adjoa Andoh

(Bridgerton, Dr Who, Invictus)


Jonathan Broadbent

Award winning Royal Shakespeare company actor


Jeannette Nelson

Head of voice at the National Theatre and author of The Voice Exercise Book


Mike Alfreds

Internationally renowned director and author of Different Every Night

Sarah-Jane Potts

Internationally respected actor whose extensive screen work includes Zero Chill (Netflix), Gracepoint (Fox), Holby (BBC) and the movie Kinky Boots.



Packed with beautifully presented teachings taken from the greatest rehearsal and casting rooms in the world, The Actor Base:

  • Finally offers a solid plan for career growth that YOU can do anywhere, anytime .
  • Shares world respected techniques in easy to absorb teachings.
  • Gives immediate answers to all your acting questions.
  • Includes live monthly coaching and a supportive community of fellow actors from around the world.
  • Costs just £16 per month, cancel anytime. 

You can access the content via any device and have answers to your acting questions at your fingertips as well as the ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME on hand whenever, wherever you are.

more testimonies (the list could go on)

Alison Fitzjohn; who took our teachings and was offered a role at the noted Sheffield Crucible theatre right then and there at the audition!

‘I walked into the room with all these thoughts I got from ICAT zooms and emails, and it helped me get an offer in the room right there and then! Exactly the direction I want my career to be going in’

Michelle Parker; who landed recurring roles in a prime time British drama series AND a high profile soap opera – all in the same week! 

‘Thankyou for your continued support. You said ‘bold choices’ to me, everything changed there and then.’

Sabina Westrup; who auditioned for a world famous casting director and was asked to tape at the last minute for a DIFFERENT role than the one she had prepared for.

I got it!!!!!! It’s a massive series!! Definitely down to you reinforcing the idea of ownership!’


£16/per month cancel any time


£150/per yearcancel any time