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Unit 11 – Playing the Long Game


How to develop the work ethic for the long term outcome rather than short lived success

You will also learn:
  • Text analysis on Shakespeare

  • How to use the dramatically loaded line endings to massive effect

You will find the following video links and resources for this unit by scrolling down this page to the bottom, please watch and practice at your convenience:

Watch all videos – Gameplan Unit 11

3 Steps

  • Watch ‘The 7-Day Artist’ – Day 4 video – Discipline
  • Watch the ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 7 – video 3 – The lists
  • Watch the ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 8 – video 1 – Tipping point

The 7 Day Artist - Day 4 (taken from our popular 7 lesson course)

This lesson is from The 7 Day Artist and is done on Day 4 of the series. You can find the full 7 lesson video on demand course in your account on the homepage.

Owning Shakespeare - Module 7 (continued)

3. The lists (11.20)

Owning Shakespeare - Module 8

1. Tipping point (13.53)