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Here at ICAT and The Actor Base, our mis­sion is to help push you for­ward in your career and to guide you to being the best you can be!

We under­stand the highs, lows, frus­tra­tions and ela­tions we actors go through in our careers.

And with that in mind…

Let me ask you a question


  • ZYou are a trained actor and KNOW you have what it takes but you often fall apart at the last hurdle.
  • ZYou are headed to drama school and have no clue if you have pre­pared your pieces properly.
  • ZYou are abso­lutely fine once you get the job but can’t seem to reach the same sense of free­dom in the cast­ing room.
  • ZBeing out of work sends you into a depress­ive spin which only leads to bigger pres­sure when a rare audi­tion arrives…

I under­stand how you feel and have felt like that in the past!

The good news is…

You’re in the right place to stop feel­ing like that!

Down­load your Cheat Sheet, dig in and use the tips PLUS…

Over the next few days, I’ll email you with more hints, tips and tech­niques to help you in your acting career!

Plus, whenev­er you are ready, here are three ways we can help you…

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 To you, the artist.

Simon Trinder
Actor/ICAT/Actor Base Artist­ic Director

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