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In this FREE Agent & Cast­ing Essen­tials Cheat Sheet You’ll Dis­cov­er Over 50 Tips and Ideas to Help You…

  • ZGain Imme­di­ately effect­ive per­spect­ives on suc­cess­ful audi­tion­ing so you move away from rejec­tion and start to land those roles!
  • ZSimple, clear advice on mar­ket­ing and show­ing your­self at your best.
  • ZNo non­sense teach­ing on what is expec­ted of you as an artist and how to devel­op in your own time.
  • ZTop tips on how to best con­tact and com­mu­nic­ate with cast­ing pro­fes­sion­als who can move your career forward.
  • ZPlus, a LOT more prac­tic­al ideas and tips you can use right NOW to nail your next audi­tion and land the role you want!

This UNIQUE and enga­ging Cheat Sheet covers EVERYTHING from audi­tion approach to the mental game; this col­lec­tion of short and prac­tic­al tips can trans­form your per­spect­ive, exper­i­ence and out­come as an actor.

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