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Actors! Free Training to Nail Any Audition in Just 4 Steps So You Get The Part (Or They Want To See You Again for Sure!)

  • Did you know just 5% of actors are in work at any one time?
  • Were you aware that the average actors ‘hit rate’ is one role won for every ten auditions?
  • Would it shock you to hear that, on average, 50% of drama school graduates give up within 5 years of entering the industry?

Grim statistics for sure.

After all the sacrifices you’ve made, money you’ve spent and years invested, you are under massive pressure and hindered before you’ve even got in the room.

The voices of every little naysayer (family, friends and er, ‘not-so friends’) are ringing in your ears when you arrive at the casting.

Fear kicks in, you get overwhelmed – despite your preparation and leave the outcome totally to chance, hoping against hope that you will somehow just ‘have what it takes today’ ☘️☘️☘️

What’s worse, it doesn’t improve with time…

The more experienced you become, the more the pressure builds as the need to make it all worthwhile leaves you drowning in anxiety.


What if all of that nonsense could be eradicated from your life? 

What if you could be in that top 5% by, doubling or tripling your hit rate and create a career that you are proud to say is yours? 

Well, you can!!

Our FREE Audition Key mini course will teach you:

  • 4 immediately applicable, simple steps to nail ANY and EVERY audition
  • How it is impossible to ‘fail’ whether you get the part or not
  • How to create your own luck – which is probably not what you think it is 😉)
  • How to accurately prepare for your casting and become ‘director proof’ (p.s it’s a good thing!)
  • PLUS! The KEY to gaining work as an actor and accessing drama school that people rarely talk about!!

This outstanding video-on-demand teaching has led countless actors to freedom and is led by award winning RSC actor and coach: Simon Trinder.

    ‘I just got my first TV job! I watched The Audition Key, went to the meeting and hey, I guess it worked!’

    ‘ICAT helped me understand I needed to start taking ‘Ownership’, I listened to The Audition Key, which gave me a lot of clarity and put things into perspective, and luckily I got a new agent!

    Absolutely amazing!’

    ‘100% worth every second, wow, can’t wait for castings after lockdown!’

    ‘Extremely useful! I learnt more than I’ve learnt anywhere else on my journey in acting.’

    This TOTALLY FREE teaching is yours to download immediately!!!

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      So – change your future by getting your FREE copy of The Audition Key here now!