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An Intro to Shakespeare

A 100 minute, first class, down­load­able teach­ing under an award win­ning RSC actor. An enlight­en­ing toolkit fresh from the rehears­al rooms of the world’s lead­ing clas­sic­al theatre com­pan­ies. Learn a rock solid toolkit and flip your per­spect­ive of play­ing Shakespeare.

Taught by the RSC’s ‘Secret Weapon’ (Daily Mail), this teach­ing is applic­able to any text in order to release you straightaway!

Blew my mind!’

Just amaz­ing and so pas­sion­ate as a teacher’

That was amazing!’


Usually £25.99

The 7 Day Artist: Refuelling the Actor 

A 7 lesson down­load­able, immers­ive eCourse that re remo­tiv­ates and refo­cuses the tired actor. Can be done over 7 days con­sec­ut­ively, 7 months or 7 years — up to you!

Usually £25.99

This course makes you real­ise why you love acting again!”

Amaz­ing stuff”

Double eBook offer:

This double eBook offer is an out­stand­ing oppor­tun­ity to both reclaim your motiv­a­tion, inspir­a­tion and drive as well as devel­op an approach to the craft of acting that gen­er­ates truth­ful and genu­ine per­form­ances every time!

Reinvigorating. Contemporary. Alive!”

Laurence Boswell — Olivi­er Award win­ning dir­ect­or: Up for Grabs with Madonna, This is Our Youth with Matt Damon, Jake Gyl­len­haal and Ben Affleck — all West End

This manifesto should be part of the start-up kit for
anyone embarking on a career as an actor”

Jonath­an Broad­bent: Award win­ning actor: RSC, Globe, My Night With Reg Donmar/West End

Usually £5.99

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This offer just


Simon Trinder


Simon Trinder is an award win­ning Brit­ish actor whose career spans over two dec­ades in main­stream theatre, tele­vi­sion and film. Work includes many years at the Royal Shakespeare Com­pany, sea­sons at Shakespeare’s Globe, The Royal Court, Hamp­stead and Royal Exchange theatres. Music­al theatre includes Dis­ney’s The Lion King and his extens­ive screen cred­its include The Good karma Hos­pit­al, Vera and Mid­winter of the Spirit (ITV) Ordin­ary Lies, Holby, In Search of Shakespeare, The Hollow Crown: Richard 2nd and BAFTA win­ning Katy (BBC).

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