The Ignition Stage:

  • To select just one genre or medium

  • To learn as much about, get as much prac­tice in and become as know­ledge­able about that genre/medium as possible

  • Gain ONE role or job under a dir­ect­or of any age/experience who is cur­rently or is head­ing toward work­ing pro­fes­sion­ally (prefer­ably a paid role but profit share or the receipt of high qual­ity showreel mater­i­al is fine)

  • This ONE role is ‘Proof of Concept’. It is living proof that you have some­thing to offer. 

  • Feed­back. This stage is a test­ing ground. If you are able to get answers as to why you are repeatedly miss­ing out on roles at the IGNITION stage, it can help you to look at your skill set/toolkit and keep work­ing toward making your­self fit for market

  • Own­er­ship. Devel­op mas­tery of one genre/medium so that own­er­ship is start­ing to grow which will carry you forward



  • Print off the accom­pa­ny­ing doc­u­ment and select a genre/medium. Then fill in your targets.
  • Use the spread­sheet below to input every bit of prac­tice, book/play read, email sent and any wins or responses as well as roles landed.
  • Try and commit to three things a day, 5 days a week (week­days) ten minutes each.
  • Once you have gained a role, you can move to the COMBUSTION stage.
wdt_ID Date Prac­tice Ses­sion Email writ­ten Book read User ID Win (response or offer) Role won