Actors! Do you want to fast track
your career 

…with monthly guided action, KNOWING that you are

actively stepping toward your career goals?

How about expand­ing your con­tact list with reg­u­lar oppor­tun­it­ies to meet and work with prom­in­ent employers?

Why not apply for our limited and exclusive Green Room Premium Membership?

As an ICAT Green Room member you get:

The Actor Base — full membership with all the regular new updates, sessions and training material

A monthly 90 minute ‘Business Strategy Masterclass’ as a group with the fabulous Charlotte Thornton

  • Embody­ing your Role as the CEO
  • Mar­ket­ing 101 – get­ting know and seen
  • Blocks to Suc­cess – Lack of Self- belief
  • Pitch­ing to Agents from the Busi­ness Perspective
  • Pitch­ing to Cast­ing Dir­ect­ors from the Busi­ness Perspective
  • Stand­ing Out


Char­lotte has expertly grown/transformed many careers and you’ll come away with solid action­able steps that you can take and dis­cuss your own needs and quer­ies in group format every month. No more won­der­ing ‘what can I do next?’. Solid coach­ing to attack your career jour­ney every four weeks. These ses­sions will be avail­able on play­back for 4 weeks if you can’t make the live meeting.

Exclus­ive Green Room dis­count on private coach­ing with Char­lotte should you require it. This means that, if you want to deep dive with any of her coach­ing and tailor your jour­ney for as short or long as you need it, you can.

Taking Own­er­ship Pack­age The 19 video series that trains you in devel­op­ing true ‘own­er­ship’ includ­ing the 16 Tenets of Own­er­ship, that is  — 16 prac­tic­al, work­able prin­ciples to con­sciously approach the kind of mind­set that sep­ar­ates the suc­cess­ful from the non suc­cess­ful actor. This pack­age comes with PDF guides to self taping, audi­tion check­list, cast­ing advice and with an agent/casting dir­ect­or email tem­plate (pack­age worth £200).

Add on, exclus­ive online industry ses­sions — in order that we keep the Green Room afford­able, we provide mock cast­ings with out­stand­ing industry mem­bers, mas­ter­classes and Q and A’s that you can pick and choose, grow­ing both your exper­i­ence and your con­tacts. These cost between £15–35 per place depend­ing on the guest and con­tent and will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (no ICAT dis­count on these).

Recent guests include

Hannah Miller

Head of Cast­ing at the RSC

John Cannon

Res­id­ent cast­ing dir­ect­or at the BBC

Ben Cogan

Res­id­ent cast­ing dir­ect­or at the BBC 

Green Room mem­bers are reg­u­larly offered extra free oppor­tun­it­ies includ­ing ‘Open Studio’ ses­sions (20 minute private coach­ing and sup­port) as well as well as short classes. You will also get first option on our other events both in-studio and online.

Green Room price: £30 per month

To apply for Green Room — answer these questions:

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