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Actors! Do you want to fast track
your career 

...with monthly guided action, KNOWING that you are

actively stepping toward your career goals?

How about expanding your contact list with regular opportunities to meet and work with prominent employers?

Why not apply for our limited and exclusive Green Room Premium Membership?

As an ICAT Green Room member you get:

The Actor Base - full membership with all the regular new updates, sessions and training material

A monthly 90 minute 'Business Strategy Masterclass' as a group with the fabulous Charlotte Thornton

  • Embodying your Role as the CEO
  • Marketing 101 – getting know and seen
  • Blocks to Success – Lack of Self- belief
  • Pitching to Agents from the Business Perspective
  • Pitching to Casting Directors from the Business Perspective
  • Standing Out


Charlotte has expertly grown/transformed many careers and you’ll come away with solid actionable steps that you can take and discuss your own needs and queries in group format every month. No more wondering ‘what can I do next?’. Solid coaching to attack your career journey every four weeks. These sessions will be available on playback for 4 weeks if you can’t make the live meeting.

Exclusive Green Room discount on private coaching with Charlotte should you require it. This means that, if you want to deep dive with any of her coaching and tailor your journey for as short or long as you need it, you can.

Taking Ownership Package The 19 video series that trains you in developing true ‘ownership’ including the 16 Tenets of Ownership, that is  – 16 practical, workable principles to consciously approach the kind of mindset that separates the successful from the non successful actor. This package comes with PDF guides to self taping, audition checklist, casting advice and with an agent/casting director email template (package worth £200).

Add on, exclusive online industry sessions – in order that we keep the Green Room affordable, we provide mock castings with outstanding industry members, masterclasses and Q and A’s that you can pick and choose, growing both your experience and your contacts. These cost between £15–35 per place depending on the guest and content and will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis (no ICAT discount on these).

Recent guests include

Hannah Miller

Head of Casting at the RSC

John Cannon

Resident casting director at the BBC

Ben Cogan

Resident casting director at the BBC 

Green Room members are regularly offered extra free opportunities including ‘Open Studio’ sessions (20 minute private coaching and support) as well as well as short classes. You will also get first option on our other events both in-studio and online.

Green Room price: £30 per month

To apply for Green Room – answer these questions:

Did you formally train?

Do you have professional representation?