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Have access on demand to ICAT’s wealth of live and digit­al train­ing plus back cata­logues. ICAT is renowned for first class, prac­tic­al, industry linked coach­ing. Actors are empowered, emboldened and grow­ing their careers through us. 

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A bril­liant video-on demand, industry respec­ted approach to the craft in 7 modules/19 les­sons. Packed with rock solid, prac­tic­al exer­cises (this course avail­able in Gold and Green Room accounts).


An out­stand­ing video-on demand course that is abso­lutely trans­form­ing people’s under­stand­ing and pas­sion for Shakespeare. 8 Modules/24 les­sons (this course avail­able in Gold and Green Room accounts).

Weekly live teaching sessions

EVERY TUESDAY 6.30–8.30pm

(Trial, Silver, Gold and Green room members)

Repeated work on and around the actors essen­tial toolkit: Actions, Object­ives, Points of Concentration

EVERY THURSDAY 6.30–8.30pm

(Gold and Green room members)

Apply the toolkit to text through play/scene study, text ana­lys­is as well as other script essentials


(Gold and Green room members)

Broaden your know­ledge and exper­i­ence with a host of dis­cip­lines includ­ing Impro, Laban, Shakespeare. Acting for Camera, Audi­tion Tech­nique and more.