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ICAT's 'Owning Shakespeare' course is an outstanding online learning opportunity comprising 8 modules with 3 lessons each - 24 lessons in total, with one module released to you per week. Led by an award winning Royal Shakespeare Company actor, the course is a stunningly presented, dynamic and super practical experience tackling verse, prose and everything in between. Introducing you to the world that Shakespeare wrote for, you will learn that the actor had independence, autonomy and ownership allowing them to bring the very best out of the text using the principles that Shakespeare relied upon to communicate with his players and his audience. You will have this ownership too!

It is packed with exercises and interactive sections to give you command over this wonderful area of work.

Whether you are a total beginner or experienced working actor, there is something in it for you as it is a first hand distillation of the rehearsal approaches of the world's leading classical companies and practitioners. 

Described as 'Amazing', 'totally interactive' and 'Next level' by actors who have used it, the course offers you:

- 24 superb lessons over 8 weekly modules introducing three simple keys to take ownership of Shakespeare's writing.
- Beautifully presented downloadable play texts for each module to work off alongside the course.
- One years membership to a private online community updated weekly with articles, videos and resources (renews at £30 per year).
- A weekly LIVE group Q and A/coaching session with course presenter; Simon Trinder that you can join whenever you are free and ask questions directly (one years access).

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What you get when you join today:
  • 8 Weeks Coaching​​- Join me live every week for 8 weeks and put everything you've learned into practice until you OWN Shakespeare!
  • “The Pragmatic playwright”: How holding a working knowledge of the world Shakespeare was writing for immediately answers some of the toughest questions and removes seeming obstacles for actors.
  • “The Subliminal Score”: Learn to access the underlying rhythms on the page to confidently play the scene as Shakespeare originally intended with little to no external direction.
  • "Essential Scenic Assessment”: A systematic approach to Shakespearean text analysis, reducing whats on the page to practical, usable information.
  • Live With Simon - Online Coaching Sessions with Simon Trinder
  • COMMUNITY​- Support from our active & awesome secret Facebook Community
  • Online Masterclasses​ - 20+ Videos sharing the step-by-step guide to mastering Shakespeare and classical text
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