Blew my mind!’

Just amaz­ing and so pas­sion­ate as a teacher’

Welcome to the Owning Shakespeare Challenge!!

‘That was amazing!’

In less than two hours, I feel like I’ve learned more intric­a­cies about it than I ever learnt any­where else

Sir Peter Hall, founder of the Royal Shakespeare Com­pany, said that:

There is no better way for an actor to train their intel­lect, body, breath­ing and skills than by play­ing Shakespeare. It is an olympic course in acting!’

How right he was.

Wheth­er you are a pro­spect­ive film or tv actor, pas­sion­ate about con­tem­por­ary, music­al or clas­sic­al theatre or indeed, all of the above, a firm grasp on the basics of play­ing Shakespeare will give you OWNERSHIP like noth­ing else and OWNERSHIP (we believe) under­pins everything the actor does!

Shakespeare need not be dif­fi­cult, boring or irrel­ev­ant — on the con­trary you will be amazed at the prac­tic­al skills that any actor can take from under­stand­ing why he wrote the way he did and how that impacts even your next Net­flix audition!

You will go from:




And never fear feel­ing ignor­ant or excluded again whenev­er anyone men­tions The Bard! 

Over these 5 ses­sions you will learn:
  • A whole (and simple!) toolkit taken straight from the world’s lead­ing clas­sic­al rehears­al rooms you can use for the rest of your life!
  • What verse and prose means
  • Exactly WHY he wrote the way he did and how that dir­ectly affects your OWNERSHIP!
  • The simple dif­fer­ence between verse & prose that will level you up massively!
  • How to spot that dif­fer­ence imme­di­ately and put that know­ledge into effect to make a deep impres­sion on the listener
  • How to create imme­di­ate atmo­sphere and stakes using only what’s on the page
  • How to imme­di­ately make solid char­ac­ter choices using Shakespeare’s direction
  • How to spot when the ‘emo­tion­al tem­per­at­ure’ changes and what you can do to ‘play the music’ of the scene beautifully

This 5 day challenge is TOTALLY FREE

And is an extraordin­ar­ily simple and fun intro­duc­tion to play­ing Shakespeare’s verse that has trans­formed the exper­i­ence of so many actors. You can do it in one week or as and when you are free. 
This is what others are saying:
Mike Alfreds

Simon Trinder is an inspiring teacher and a deeply talented actor’

Mike Alfreds — inter­na­tion­ally renowned Brit­ish theatre dir­ect­or (Nation­al Theatre, RSC, West End) and author of Dif­fer­ent Every night. Named one of the best three dir­ect­ors in the coun­try by Sir Ian McKellen.
Adjoa Andoh

When it comes to teaching Shakespeare, Simon is the Don!’

Award win­ning actor and dir­ect­or, Adjoa Andoh: Richard 2nd (Shakespeare’s Globe), RSC, Nation­al Theatre, Donmar Ware­house, Net­flix Bridger­ton, Clint East­woods Invictus, Dr Who.
Led by award win­ning Royal Shakespeare Com­pany actor Simon Trinder…
…this 5 ses­sion mini course will give you both a spe­cif­ic and uni­ver­sal toolkit that can be taken into any and every play, audi­tion and per­form­ance from here on in.

Join us and the many other actors who have found a new love and under­stand­ing of Shakespeare’s world and work through ICAT’s Owning Shakespeare Challenge!

Chal­lenge leader:
Simon Trinder has been an actor for over 20 years and has per­formed reg­u­larly with the RSC and Globe theatres since 2001 play­ing reg­u­larly in both the West End and the United States. He won and was nom­in­ated for the BBC Carlton Hobbs award, Clar­ence Derwent Award (Best Sup­port­ing Actor on the Brit­ish Stage) and the Helen Hayes Award (USA). He appears reg­u­larly in tv and film as well as music­al theatre, most not­ably Disney’s The Lion King. An incred­ibly pop­u­lar prac­ti­tion­er, he foun­ded the Inde­pend­ent Centre for Actor Train­ing (ICAT) and teaches at some of Britain’s lead­ing drama schools. Simon was one of the text coaches to the com­pany of Richard 2nd at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2019.