The Owning Shakespeare Chal­lenge is a 5 day explor­a­tion of prin­ciples from some of the worlds greatest clas­sic­al rehears­al rooms. You can do this fun and prac­tic­al chal­lenge over 5 days con­sec­ut­ively or in your own time, whenev­er you like! 

Please watch the intro before you begin.


Dur­a­tion: 7 minutes


Please watch this short intro before start­ing day 1. Down­load the three pages of text using the link below and have these to hand through­out the 5 days.

Day 1 — From verse to prose!

Dur­a­tion: 26 minutes

Day 1:

From verse to prose!

Day 2: Why verse?

Dur­a­tion: 10 minutes

Day 2:

Why verse?

Day 3 — Start peeling.

Dur­a­tion: 12 minutes

Lesson 3:

Start peel­ing.

Day 4: Wit and genius!

Dur­a­tion: 25 minutes

Lesson 4:

Start peel­ing.

Day 5: Bringing it all together.

Dur­a­tion: 28 minutes

Lesson 5:

Bring­ing it all together.