ICAT Studio Online Terms and Conditions

    • ICAT mem­ber­ship status is solely for the registered indi­vidu­al. Login details are not to be shared with any other indi­vidu­al or group.

    • The con­tent is exclus­ively owned by ICAT and has copy­right status. The con­tent is not to be shared in any way with others via recor­ded or any other media.
      Through live coach­ing, you will work with others in groups via zoom. We ask that mem­bers behave respect­fully at all times. Degrad­ing lan­guage, sexu­ally sug­gest­ive beha­viour or lan­guage as well as any racial, reli­gious, sexual or gender dis­crim­in­a­tion is strictly pro­hib­ited. Any report of the afore­men­tioned beha­viour may result in an imme­di­ate life long exclu­sion from ICAT STUDIO ONLINE.

    • The terms of pay­ment and min­im­um mem­ber­ship time must be firmly adhered to.