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The Artists Heart 

Kurt Cobain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, van Gogh, river Phoenix, Heath Ledger.
Self mutilation. Suicide. Accidental overdose.
It would seem that, while not exclusive to the arts, there is a well documented connection between artistry and self harm.
My favourite quote about acting is by sir Laurence Olivier;  ‘there is no greater job than that given to the actor, to teach the human heart the knowledge of itself’.
Could it be that, in living from the heart, the creative centre, the birthplace of desire, artists are thereby more vulnerable to the overwhelming realization that satisfaction will never arrive? In prompting others to awaken their own hearts through music, painting, word and story, we fall prey to the reality that there is no true fulfillment to be found? Not this side of death anyway.
Our world is slowly suffocating the hearts of it’s inhabitants. Through consumerism, porn (or excess in any area), violence and cheap, shallow entertainment we are numbing the hearts of our children and making true connection more and more difficult.

calculation has replaced concern, sex has replaced sensitivity and greed has replaced giving.

‘Life is a journey of the heart which requires the mind’, not the other way round. I put it to you that artists are doing the one essential job in this world of daring to live in open sensitivity and awareness of their own created value and, through their work, leading others to awaken themselves.
Deep is calling to deep my friends.
Your artistry is rescue for many who are only surviving, living from the neck up. Your heart is required, your heart is essential. Your art is required, your art is essential…please don’t give up.
To you, the artist.