The Artists Heart 

Kurt Cobain, Philip Sey­mour Hoff­man, van Gogh, river Phoenix, Heath Ledger.
Self mutil­a­tion. Sui­cide. Acci­dent­al overdose.
It would seem that, while not exclus­ive to the arts, there is a well doc­u­mented con­nec­tion between artistry and self harm.
My favour­ite quote about acting is by sir Laurence Olivi­er;  ‘there is no great­er job than that given to the actor, to teach the human heart the know­ledge of itself’.
Could it be that, in living from the heart, the cre­at­ive centre, the birth­place of desire, artists are thereby more vul­ner­able to the over­whelm­ing real­iz­a­tion that sat­is­fac­tion will never arrive? In prompt­ing others to awaken their own hearts through music, paint­ing, word and story, we fall prey to the real­ity that there is no true ful­fill­ment to be found? Not this side of death anyway.
Our world is slowly suf­foc­at­ing the hearts of it’s inhab­it­ants. Through con­sumer­ism, porn (or excess in any area), viol­ence and cheap, shal­low enter­tain­ment we are numb­ing the hearts of our chil­dren and making true con­nec­tion more and more difficult.

cal­cu­la­tion has replaced con­cern, sex has replaced sens­it­iv­ity and greed has replaced giving.

‘Life is a jour­ney of the heart which requires the mind’, not the other way round. I put it to you that artists are doing the one essen­tial job in this world of daring to live in open sens­it­iv­ity and aware­ness of their own cre­ated value and, through their work, lead­ing others to awaken themselves.
Deep is call­ing to deep my friends.
Your artistry is rescue for many who are only sur­viv­ing, living from the neck up. Your heart is required, your heart is essen­tial. Your art is required, your art is essential…please don’t give up.
To you, the artist.