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You will receive superb Audi­tion Key webin­ar (90 minutes of first class audi­tion tech­nique) to smash those audi­tion oppor­tun­it­ies as well as the excel­lent Impulse: The Sport of Acting eBook and The Agent Cast­ing Essen­tials Cheat Sheet PDF. A whole raft of teach­ing to 10X your opportunities.

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An out­stand­ing 7 module, 19 lesson course offer­ing a whole approach to the craft includ­ing the Stan­islavski based meth­od­o­logy of Mike Alfreds (author of Dif­fer­ent Every Night), hugely free­dom enhan­cing teach­ings on play­ing Impulses, audi­tion tech­nique and more!

Packed with prac­tic­al teach­ings and hard won prin­ciples from the front line of the industry.

This course sells at£650!



The stand­ard of teach­ing is of the highest’

Mike Alfreds, Dir­ect­or and author of Dif­fer­ent Every Night


So much wisdom! Genuinely transformative!’

Man alive this is gold’

If 10 people register using the link you send, you will

then open the superb Owning Shakespeare

A 9 module, 21 lesson course that offers a com­plete approach to play­ing Shakespeare taken from some of the greatest rehears­al rooms and prac­ti­tion­ers in the world (includ­ing the RSC, Globe and Nation­al Theatre).

You need NEVER fear Shakespeare again!

This SUPER prac­tic­al and simple train­ing has had incred­ible feed­back worldwide.

This course sells at£800!



When it comes to teach­ing Shakespeare, Simon is the Don!’

Award win­ning actor, Adjoa Andoh: Bridger­ton, Richard 2nd (Shakespeare’s Globe), RSC Asso­ci­ate Artist, Nation­al Theatre, Donmar Ware­house, Clint East­wood’s Invictus.


Can I just say?! The daily acting coach is just amazing. They are so true, so honest but also helpful and direct. Those small messages have helped me more than once and from my heart I want to say thank you to the one that writes them.’

These emails are becoming my bible!’

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When anyone registers for the Daily Acting Coach using your link, it auto­mat­ic­ally shows up on your ‘refer­ral count’ so you know just how close you are to get­ting those courses!


The moment it hits 1, The 10x Audi­tion Pack­age will auto­mat­ic­ally open for you! When it hits 5, The Com­plete Actors Toolkit will auto­mat­ic­ally open up for you! When it hits 10, you auto­mat­ic­ally unlock Owning Shakespeare too!

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