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The Daily Acting Coach will:

  • Share world respec­ted tech­niques that are imme­di­ately applic­able in a clear and prac­tic­al way
  • Solve your acting ‘prob­lems’
  • Offer fast acting and last­ing confidence
  • Motiv­ate and inspire you




Can I just say?! The daily acting coach is just amazing. They are so true, so honest but also helpful and direct. Those small messages have helped me more than once and from my heart I want to say thank you to the one that writes them.’

These emails are becoming my bible!’


One short email at 9am every week­day on any­thing from audi­tion tech­nique to voice work, writ­ten in a totally inform­al and enter­tain­ing way, packed with first class and prac­tic­al tips for you to take into your work­ing life.

A FREE eBook (To You, The Artist) and daily access to an out­stand­ing mono­logue lib­rary.

With read­ers every­where from LA to Romania, the Daily Acting Coach is your best way of gain­ing an act­or’s education — 
no matter what your life looks like.




‘‘I felt uplif­ted, inspired and reas­sured that it’s all more than worthwhile.
This honest and fun little book could do well to always be in any actors pocket”

Joseph MillsonAward winning actor: RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre, The Last Kingdom; Netflix



“Moved me to tears”

Sarah-Jane Potts Actor: Kinky Boots, Sugar Rush, Holby, Grace Point



“This mani­festo should be part of the start-up kit for anyone embark­ing on a career as an actor’

Jonathan BroadbentAward winning actor: RSC, Globe, My Night With Reg Donmar/West End


‘Anyone who is an actor or considering being an actor needs to get on ICAT’s subscribe list!’

Please keep up the good work, you have no idea the difference you are making.’

Many thanks for this latest piece of wisdom. I needed to hear (read) this today. ’

Love these!’

I love this! So true, thankyou! I really enjoy your daily posts/words of inspiration and advice.’ 

I needed this right now.… I was thinking it was just me feeling this’

I save these emails in a separate folder so I can re-visit easily for inspiration!’

Really great advice, for life and for acting!’

Who is the coach?

Simon Trinder is a multi award win­ning actor and author with a rich his­tory of work with the Royal Shakespeare Com­pany and Shakespeares Globe. He has worked inter­na­tion­ally in main­stream tele­vi­sion, theatre and film and teaches at some of the UK’s lead­ing drama schools. In 2018 he was a text coach to the com­pany of Richard 2nd At Shakespeares Globe star­ring Adjoa Andoh.



Dame Judi Dench — Patron of ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training)

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