Unit 1 — 4 Easy Step Audi­tion System


In this first month you will learn a rock solid 4 step sys­tem­at­ic to approach ANY audi­tion as well as a clear and prac­tic­al strategy for deal­ing with nerves. DON’T FORGET! If you com­plete all the les­sons as you go for­ward, you will open up bonus boxes in cer­tain units invit­ing you to submit self tape mater­i­al for feedback!!

You will also learn:
  • How to define ‘acting’ in such a way that you can phys­ic­ally and prac­tic­ally access it more easily every time
  • The essen­tial build­ing blocks of any truth­ful performance
  • Who Shakespeare was and how his writ­ing was and is access­ible to anyone (that includes you!)
  • How to recog­nise and under­stand ‘Shakespeare’s verse’ immediately

You will find the fol­low­ing video links and resources for this unit by scrolling down this page to the bottom, please watch and prac­tice at your convenience:

Watch all videos — Gameplan Unit 1

8 Required Steps

  • Watch The Audi­tion Key video – Prin­ciple 1
  • Watch The Audi­tion Key video – Prin­ciple 2
  • Watch The Audi­tion Key video – Prin­ciple 3
  • Watch The Audi­tion Key video – Prin­ciple 4
  • Watch the ‘Com­plete Actor’s Toolkit’ – Module 1 – video 1
  • Watch the ‘Com­plete Actor’s Toolkit’ – Module 1 – video 2
  • Watch ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 1 – video 1
  • Watch ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 1 – video 2

To offi­cially com­plete each lesson & unlock the next unit and Self Tape Challenges:

  • Com­plete the lesson in one sit­ting (tim­ings are stated on each video — allow ten extra minutes for prac­tic­al play on each one)
  • Please watch each lesson right to the very end

Complete Actors Toolkit — Module 1 

What Is Acting? (13.34)

2. Action (10.04)

Owning Shakespeare — Module 1

1. The Prag­mat­ic Play­wright Prin­ciple (17.03)

Down­load lesson 1 text

2. The Verse (22.30)