Unit 4 — Effect­ive Application


You will learn how to apply an action or tactic to any script wheth­er in a class or at home to root you in solid, truth­ful activity.

You will also learn:
  • About object­ives; the lifeblood of rela­tion­ship in any and every scene

  • How to deliv­er lan­guage off the page like a maestro

  • About the cat­egor­ies and import­ance of Shakespeare’s plays


You will find the following video links and resources for this unit by scrolling down this page to the bottom, please watch and practice at your convenience. When you have completed them all, the challenge box will open with your instructions and link to upload your material!

Watch all videos — Gameplan Unit 4

4 Required Steps

  • Watch the ‘Com­plete Actor’s Toolkit’ – Module 3 – video 1 – Action application
  • Watch the ‘Com­plete Actor’s Toolkit’ – Module 3 – video 2 – Objectives
  • Watch the ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 3 – video 1 – Grace and Pace
  • Watch the ‘Owning Shakespeare’ – Module 3 – video 2 – The Plays

To offi­cially com­plete each lesson & unlock the next unit and Self Tape Challenges:

  • Com­plete the lesson in one sit­ting (tim­ings are stated on each video — allow ten extra minutes for prac­tic­al play on each one)
  • Please watch each lesson right to the very end


Com­plete the les­sons in full to access the self tape chal­lenge. You will upload your work and receive detailed per­son­al feed­back and prac­tic­al next steps from one of our industry respec­ted coaches push­ing you fur­ther toward your acting goals.

Complete Actors Toolkit — Module 3

Lesson 1: Action applic­a­tion (15.05)

Down­load lesson Notes: Module 3 Lesson 1 


Lesson 2: Object­ives (6.29)

Owning Shakespeare — Module 3

1. Grace and Pace (10.12)


2. The Plays (5.10)